May 2023

The topic Skilled Migration to Australia continues to dominate the headlines.  As per the above April 27, 2023 quote from The Hon Clare O’Neil MP, Minister for Home Affairs from the National Press Club Address – Australia’s Migration System, she quoted “Together, as one, and many, we have built the most prosperous, safe, cohesive country in the world.  Every Australian is entitled to feel proud of that. And, to feel confident we can tackle what’s coming in the difficult decades ahead. One of the remarkable things about Australia is that when we confront crisis and challenge, we use those moments to build a better country for the next generation”.

Job Vacancy Data from the ABS shows this year alone industries jumping to new levels of demand.  In February 2023 reported job vacancies by Industry; Construction reported a shortfall of 31.2%, Retail 36.4%, Accommodation and Food 57.8%, and Professional Services 47.6% to name a few, topping the list was Health Care and Social Assistance at 72.4% job vacancies.  The Health Care and Social Sector expected shortages will be 400, 000 by 2025 as reported by Randstad  and Australia faces engineering skills crisis by 2040 An independent report commissioned by Professionals Australia projects a skills shortage of 200,000 engineers by 2040, undermining vital engineering projects and economic growth unless industry and governments take urgent action to grow the engineering skills base and workforce in Australia.  The report ‘Engineering a Better Future: Australia’s Growing Crisis in Engineering Skills’ identifies failures in the education pipeline for engineers, the underutilisation of qualified engineers in the workforce, and an extremely low participation rate of women in engineering as the main reasons for the predicted shortage. Professionals Australia’s CEO Jill McCabe said the report should raise alarm bells for governments and many industry sectors, she went on to say “A shortfall of 200,000 engineers by 2040 threatens Australia’s capacity to deliver major infrastructure projects, large-scale transformation of the energy sector and intensified technological innovation across the economy.

We know there are massive workforce shortages Australia wide and no end in sight for businesses without workforce planning in their strategic planning. If you need more confidence to make decisions around workforce planning, then utilise sites such as ABS and Randstad for excellent sources of data, for many industries the shortage is forecasted to last beyond 4 years. Employer Sponsored Visas have never looked more enticing, we can support your decisions to bring workforce and skilled labour in from overseas by working with you with the numbers to build a case for Skilled Migration for your business.

If your business has a critical skills shortage, or you just want to have a chat about your business, please call us today on 1800 595 165 or visit us at for further information.

Kind regards,

Claire Maradani

Managing Director

Treeti Business Consulting

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