Workforce Abundance – Operations Report
Last week we were looking at the impact of the new Migration reforms to the new base salary of $70k. Many automotive businesses are wondering if they can afford to bring skilled workers in on this new base salary. The good news is that the market rate for many automotive roles sits at an average of $77k for experienced technicians.

According to average salaries for the below roles look like this:

  • Service mechanics $85,000
  • Diesel Mechanics $82,875
  • Vehicle Mechanic $75,599
  • Service Technician $78,000
  • Mechanic $76,057
  • Service Advisor $74, 595

*source click here

Candidates sourced by Workforce Abundance are thoroughly vetted and recruited specifically to suit your business needs so you can be sure you are getting someone with the years of experience you are looking for and in the areas of specialty you require.

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Workforce Abundance – Operations Report

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