Welcome to the February 2023 edition of Treeti Yeah

Photo: Mayor of Bacolod City Hon. Alfredo B. Benitez with Workforce Abundance Team

We’re Back!  What an exciting 4 weeks for Treeti, Acet and Workforce Abundance.  We have returned from our successful recruitment drive throughout Philippines and India.

I am delighted to report that we have secured high quality blue collar and white collar candidates from these countries.  During the past month we (the Workforce Abundance Team) have interviewed hundreds of Welders, Carpenters, Auto Mechanics, Electricians, Civil and Construction Engineers, Chefs, Project Managers, Nurses, Aged Care Workers and Administration Managers to name a few. Our next destinations are UAE, UK and Ireland and we look forward to bringing you updates from these locations.

Treeti is delighted to see our year-long project come to fruition, and we are once again at the forefront of solving workforce challenges for business in the NT and around Australia.

Life comes with highs and lows and the team also felt the loss of our beloved Receptionist Alma Goodall this month, we have been honouring her memories with fond stories of laughter, cake and global candidate support.  As Megan said, “Alma’s legacy will be the Filipino Australian candidate connections that she had created and worked on the foundations of our inaugural recruitment drive”.

We also had the opportunity to host the NT Chamber of Commerce Business at Sunset event on Thursday 23 February.  A fun night of collaboration, networking and information sharing for the NT Business Community, this event has become a great way to touch base with our fellow members and keep abreast of all things business in the Territory.

If your business has a critical skills shortage, or you just want to have a chat about your business, please call us today on 1800 595 165 or visit us at www.treeti.com.au for further information.

Kind regards,

Claire Maradani

Managing Director

Treeti Business Consulting

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