Out of chaos comes order
‘ Out of Chaos, Comes Order’  – Andy Monks
Welcome everyone to our May 2020 Newsletter, as we start to emerge from the global Health and Economic impacts COVID-19, it struck me that our Treeti painting we had commissioned to represent our company values “Out of Chaos, Comes Order” by Andy Monks is a great representation not only for what we are experiencing currently, but also our clients and the economy in general.
The below is how Andy described the painting upon completion.
“This picture is an abstract symbol to embody the culture and vision of the organisation Treeti.  Rather than a literal vision it is intended to evoke expression like a piece of music, allowing the viewer to see what they want to see in the image.
In this piece, order comes out of the chaos and colours to represent a circular symbol reminiscent of a compass or star that brings integrity, direction, and clarity in a fog of uncertainty.
The central motif also signifies connection and bringing people and ideas together to provide a unifying vision.  It consists of many layers and colours. Combining textures in Impasto.
Purple is the dominant colour and represents transformation.”

So as we emerge and support our clients from Chaos to Order and venture into the New Normal, restrictions are starting to relax, businesses impacted greatly by COVID-19 are planning to reopen, businesses not impacted are enjoying the start of the economy’s journey of getting back to normal. 
Treeti has had a month of reflection, pivoting, stabilising and planning for the future.  New initiatives have emerged, and we took the opportunity to work on areas of the business that are not usually our focus.  Areas such as Sales and Marketing Strategy and Implementation (check out our new website www.treeti.com.au ) and New Digital Product Planning (Online Business Coaching and Leadership Programs being developed throughout the year).
As we all look forward to borders reopening, it is our great pleasure to keep on delivering high quality Business Services, Digital and General Business Webinars and Workshops , and Entrepreneur and Export Support across the Territory, Nationally and Internationally.
Have a wonderful month! 
Claire Maradani
Managing Director
Treeti Business Consulting
ASBAS – Australian Small Business Advisory Services
As you may have noticed, our ASBAS Digital Solutions 1:1 appointments have only been available as remote Zoom and phone calls since physical distancing became a part of everyone’s lives. In order to ensure the safety of our clients, staff and advisors, physical distancing will stay in place for now when it comes to making individual appointments with our advisors. This has, of course, opened up the option of accessing advisors across all three regions that we are collectively a part of: Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland. Whilst you’ve always had the option to access our advisors interstate, with us all being so used to video meetings, it’s now easier to seek out advisors with specific skills to work with.
Physical distancing is also remaining in effect for the rest of May and June for our workshops. All ASBAS Digital solutions workshops are being exclusively delivered online. To help you stay on top of business, a large range of these workshops are now being offered at no cost. In June, you’ll see an even wider range of webinars on offer from our expert presenters. There will be the usual digital skills topics and a NEW set of webinars aimed specifically at small businesses seeking to sharpen their business skills. Subjects such as “Increasing productivity when morale is low” and “Becoming more confident with promoting yourself and your business” will be offered free in June.
You may access our range of free webinars at https://treeti.link/free-webinars
Book your next 1:1 advisory session online at https://adams.businessstation.com.au
The ASBAS Digital Solutions program is delivered for AusIndustry in partnership with Business Station Inc.
EFS – Entrepreneurship Facilitators Services
The EFS program for the rest of May and spreading into June offers opportunities ranging from Ideation and Business Model Canvas sessions to small group skills development and networking opportunities.  Feel free to register and join in!   
Michelle Taylor
Michelle Taylor is a psychologist, coach, trainer, former critical care nurse and long-term NT resident with a successful business in Darwin.  She first engaged with the Entrepreneurship Facilitators Services (EFS) Program last year, attending small group sessions on Ideation (idea generation) and Business Model Canvas.
In true entrepreneurial spirit, the ideas Michelle began exploring in 2019 have blossomed into action. Michelle is pivoting her business to focus on Health Leadership.
Michelle Taylor
[email protected]

Having reengaged with the EFS program in 1:1 coaching sessions in 2020, Michelle’s next step is to engage with potential customers. Michelle featured in our session this month.
Entrepreneurship Facilitators Services (EFS) program is delivered by our Darwin-based Entrepreneurship Facilitator, Megan Holzfeind, in partnership with Business Station, Inc.
The EFS program is fully funded by the Australian Government. 
Yarraman Territory is an amazing NT based business delivering meaningful services for ‘at risk’ people through the magic of equine (horse) and animal therapy.
Started by Marc Gallagher in 2017, Yarraman has a small team that specialises in a range of services including group and individual connection through horses sessions, group and individual connection through canines (dogs) sessions, leatherwork and rural operations accredited training, 3 and 5 day stock camps, and the most recent addition to the Yarraman suite of services are the Wild Yarraman Mindfulness & Meditation sessions – run by local Maringar- Marithiel woman Jolene Walsh. The team has integrated their proven Solutions through Horses programs with Indigenous nature-based healing and transformational coaching where participants reconnect to spirit, country and each other.  
Yarraman Territory has been working with Treeti for the last 12 months to support their delivery to corrections participants, further develop their programs and apply for a range of grants and tenders in which they are currently in the process of executing the successful applications.

Austrade has been putting on many webinars to do with e-commerce over the last month and they are scheduling more in the near future. Click here to the new webinars for you to register if you feel it is part of your business or its something you want to learn more about. We suggest looking at Australian AgTtech, Covid-19 Update for Cross Border e-commerce and do view the previous webinars that you can watch the recording at your convenience which can be found here. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.  
 Mark FaulknerExport Advisor – Tradestart
Treeti Business Consulting
JotForm–ZoomZoom & JotForm have teamed up to introduce a brand new integration that lets you schedule Zoom meetings and appointments, collect registration info for webinars or e-conferences, and receive payments directly through your online forms!  With Zoom and JotForm working together, you can spend more time actually preparing for meetings and webinars, rather than handling the logistics behind them.
Benefits include:Versatile forms that meet your businesses needsForm-sharing options let you control how Zoom webinar and meeting registration information is collected from attendees, regardless of whether you share a dedicated link to a form or embed it on your websiteJotForm’s new appointment field  automates the scheduling process so you no longer need to manually enter meeting details into ZoomMeeting details and webinar registration information are stored in your JotForm account, so you can access this data from virtually anywhere on a desktop, laptop, or mobile deviceFor more information: https://www.jotform.com/blog/announcing-zoom-integration/
Need help setting up JotForm or Zoom?  Contact us
Jobs Board
Tregea Landscaping and Garden Maintenance
Experienced landscapers, send expression of interest to [email protected]

ND & JA Giles Mechanical Repairs, SA
Experienced Diesel Mechanic

For further information or to submit an application for any of the above roles, please email [email protected]
Jobs Hub
In this rapidly changing jobs market, the Australian Government is supporting businesses and those Australians looking for work.

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